The Inspiring Weight Loss Success Story of Dance Teacher Roni Tarver

The 5 foot 6 inch female teacher, weighing 235 pounds and continuously suffering from severe back pain, did something, which is worth sharing and could potentially serve as an inspiration to all those who think they “can’t do it!”

She was on a daily dose of 10-15 ibuprofen tabs, which made her stomach go bad. Her profession required her to be on her feet almost all the time during the day, simultaneously also dealing with extreme exhaustion and stress of being appointed newly.

Her husband never ever passed a comment on her weight, which was making her feel even worse about not bothering to take care of her health. She got rid of her smoking habit, but still climbing stairs was leaving her out of breath.

“I really married the sweetest, most wonderful, and compassionate man in the world. He never made me feel bad about it, so I think I felt guiltier” said Roni Tarver 29 years, a high-school agriculture teacher from Fort Worth, Texas area. She remembers how she wondered – “Why aren’t you taking the initiative? This man loves you for who you are.”

The body she always dreamt of, remained in her dreams only. But one fine day, she decided for herself that it was enough being referred to as bulky lady, funny girl and so on!

“I found myself crying in bed one night over my weight, and my husband told me that he thought I was beautiful, but if I was so unhappy, I should do something about it,” Tarver mentioned in an iReport, and that triggered something in her.

She started working out on her calories intake the very next day. For two months, she did whatever she could do, by herself, and two months later, she was ready to hit the gym, and that day was January 3rd, 2013. She also joined Zumba classes later on. She began to love her life and started trying out almost every other dance class. Her mother was an aerobic dance instructor, so it was within her to catch the moves fast.

“My instructors were amazing, and made me feel like they loved having me there,” she said. “I was having a blast exercising for the first time in my life.”

One of Tarver’s instructors was kind enough to give that extra encouragement to Tarver that helped in exploring her qualities even more. The instructor encouraged her to take certified teaching course so that she could conduct her own classes. Tarver is running her Zumba classes from past four months now.

“You really feel like you’re in a club, dancing with people, but you don’t have a hangover in the morning. At the end of it, you feel awesome, you’re exhausted, and you can go back and do it tomorrow if you want. It’s good for your soul, if you ask me.”

Tarver very well knew that to get fit she also had to control her eating habits, and in few months she was able to get the body that she always wanted.

Tarver’s weight is now in the range of 130 pounds to 135 pounds, which is nothing short of a wonder!


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